Love is the greatest human need



Re-engineering the DNA for New Humanity, Leadership of LOVE, in BE-ING HUMAN paves the way for futuristic, authentic visionary leaders. It begins with finding SELF by becoming still and silent through guided introspection, reflection and a process of natural selection of the body and tapping into its inherent wisdom and chemistry to heal itself. With practice, your thoughts, feelings/emotions, state of being and behaviour/action come into alignment when you are SILENT.  The NEW Human awakens with using SELF-MASTERY techniques and the first basic step is learning how to breathe properly and experiencing the union of the inner world and the outer world hence enhancing our natural state of BE-ING human.



  • Masiha (8 year client)

“I am so happy that I got to visit aunty Rahila and leave all my pain and suffering behind me. I feel the strength and courage that my green balloon has given me.”

  • Mother’s comments

After Masiha’s therapy, I have observed that she is more open to expressing her feelings to me. She has also come to a greater awareness of her positive aspects and how to apply them in her life.

Thank you for being part of Masiha’s journey and helping to enrich her life.

Love and duas


  • Dear Rahila

“It may sound cliché, but The Journey came into my life, at a time when I was at the bottom of a dark and bottomless pit. My heart was consumed and wracked by intense grief, despair and heartbreak. I had lost my precious twin baby boys at 28 weeks of pregnancy, releasing them to the angelic realm. The twins were my gift from the Almighty, after a 10 year battle with infertility.

I was emotionally stunted, not sure how to come to terms with my loss; however, even more challenging were the questions that flooded my mind. “What was my Life purpose?;” “What lesson/teaching was God trying to send me?;” What divine purpose were my Twins meant to bring into my Life?”

Via divine guidance from the powers that be, I found myself, literally, with individuals who were all in the dynamic phase of spiritual evolution…… of these individuals being a “Lady of Light,” an enlightened soul…..aka, a Journey Practitioner! I was intrigued and guided by my inner voice and wisdom. My Journey was about to begin…….

After my first session, my introspection was revolutionary….I looked at myself with renewed vision and perspective. My Life, as I had known it, would or could never be the same again. My transformation i.e. the transformation of my soul had begun……my grief and despair was rapidly being replaced by rays of golden, healing and divine light. Love of Self, self- respect and self- esteem were all on a higher and divine mission to eradicate all previous traces of worthlessness, helplessness and inner turmoil. I am a Child of God; I shine with His light…..I AM LIGHT!

Session 2, session 3…….my inner radiance was unstoppable. Those around me were in awe of my renewed passion, glow, light and overall outlook on all events that had transpired in my life over the past few months. “What has brought this on?” they asked. “You look amazing, exuberant and beautiful!” I would answer very matter of factly, “It’s something that the Universe has brought to me, in all her splendor and infinite Love… is called “THE JOURNEY!”

My positive affirmation for my Life is as ffg: “I am beautiful, I am unique, I am a Mother, I radiate with divine light, I am God’s special Child…..I respect my body and my Soul….I am AWESOME and that I will never forget!!!!”

Lotsa love, angel blessings and light

Thank You