Love is the greatest human need

Essence is LOVE and LIGHT

Hello, I am Rahila Khan, an accredited Journey Practitioner, Intuitive Coach, and Facilitator in Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Programmes. I’m based in warm, sunny Durban, South Africa

Every human is born with abilities, talents, skills and wisdom to serve and lead others. You are here to live the best version of yourself. It is about being the best human in BE-ING HUMAN. More than ever our planet needs healing.There is no peace and love without inner freedom.


Promoting Leadership of Love in SELF, family, education, business and health care in BE-ING HUMAN

The deepest yearning for so many people is the simple act of love. Beyond material possessions, families, relationships, and careers, each of us quietly seeks the feeling and experience of love.

Going beyond personal love into the realm of unconditional love; the realization is that we can approach life through love and forgiveness, caring and sharing. Love has the power to transmute all negativity. Much of the turmoil and chaos we are witnessing either personally and/or globally is our own inner reflection of our past negative conditioning, beliefs and programing.  Everyone can make a difference in this world every time we choose love, pure light energy — living a life of unconditional love.





Rahila featured in her own profile documentary (Community Outreach Work done with Orient Old Boys Association and Journey Outreach KZN) on “Anur” on SABC 2

  • Radio Presenter/guest: Community radio station: Al Ansar